Gathering of Clan Macpherson in Scotland

Members of the Macpherson clan will have their annual gathering in Scotland in early August. For the past sixty years the clan gets together every year and Macphersons come from all parts of the world to Scotland to meet up with their cousins. The name Macpherson, MacPherson, or McPherson, spelt in different ways, comes from the Gaelic Mac-a-Phearsain and means literally “Son of the Parson”. They are descendants of Mhuirich Vattanach, Fourth Chief of Clan Chattan, who was the parson of Kingussie. His second son was the first to be called Macpherson.

The first nine days of August will see much merriment as members renew old bonds and forge new ones amongst their fellow clan members. Every year there are new faces that join in the revelry which includes music, dance, races and the traditional march. This is an occasion to travel all over the land of their forefathers and learn about the history of the clan first hand. They begin with sightseeing in and around Edinburgh and the reunion is timed perfectly for the members to stay on and enjoy the world famous Edinburgh Festival as well.

The Macpherson land in Badenoch was gifted by King Robert Bruce to a Macpherson with three sons. The Macphersons are sometimes called the Clan of the Three Brothers. The history of the clan and many important relics are housed in the clan museum at Newtonmore. The museum was opened in1952 and clan members purchased and donated the main relics of the clan to the museum.

One of the highlights of the gathering is the traditional Clan March onto the Eilan. Kilted male members of all ages march down the hill towards the field where the games are officially opened. There follows an afternoon of traditional Highland Games, including a hill race and even a wee dram in the Clan Macpherson tent.

First timers can take an introductory tour of Clan Macpherson Country, places they may have only read about. There are several events at Kingussie Clan House including formal receptions and a grand Highland Ball – an occasion for showing one’s prowess at highland dances. The Highland Field Sports Fair is another highlight with diverse events like archery, fly casting, gun dog handling and clay pigeon shooting. A visit to Scotland is incomplete without golf and there are numerous trophies to be won by Macphersons at the Newtonmore Golf Course.