Holy Isle: A Tranquil Getaway

Even though the Holy Isle Project was established in the 1990s by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, a Buddhist meditation master from Tibet, the Holy Isle has a rich history of spirituality that dates all the way back to the sixth century. Here, just off the coast of Ayrshire, located in Firth of Clyde, the Holy Isle is a tranquil location dedicated to inner wellbeing and peace. This ancient site now features a few attractions and facilities. Visitors can still experience the peacefulness of the island and be a part of a unique experience where they can explore ongoing projects and enjoy the magnificence of nature.

The overnight facilities for visitors are located at the northern end of Holy Isle, at the Centre for World Peace and Health. Buddhist visitors can find exclusive accommodation on the south side, where a retreat is located to cater to their needs. To be able to offer a variety of facilities to visitors, Holy Isle has been divided into different sections. One area of the isle is being utilized for the isle’s tree planting program, while the other sections are used for the conservation of the plant, animal and bird life of the isle. Domesticated animals are not permitted on the isle, and day visitors are reminded to remain on the existing pathways while exploring the isle so as not to disturb the vegetation or animals.

The Buddhist community residing on the island, including the nuns, are very eco-conscious, using solar power and a reed-bed sewage system that is treated. The replanting of native trees is vital to the upkeep of the ecosystem of the island, and the isle is home to large numbers of wild Soay sheep, Eriskay ponies and Saanen goats. The three kilometre isle is also home to a spring that was believed to have the ability to heal. The St. Molaise Cave is one of the attractions on the isle and writing can be viewed on the roof of the cave.

Visitors will also be able to marvel at a very rare tree, namely the Rock Whitebeam, which is said to be the evolutionary point of the Arran Whitebeam. The isle is also steeped in historic tales, such as stories of the Holy Isle and Arran offering shelter to a Viking fleet before the outbreak of the Battle of Largs. The Holy Isle is a truly magnificent destination to visit, and is an exceptional peaceful adventure that visitors will not be able to experience anywhere else in the world.