Glynhill Ladies International Curling Competition

Between the 17th and the 20th of January 2008, Glasgow in Scotland will be flooded with women’s curling teams from all over the world. The sport that has been a part of the history of the country for centuries has become a leading attraction in Scotland and remained a popular spectator sport. Visitors to Scotland during this time should stop in at the Glynhill Ladies International Curling Competition, as it is guaranteed to be an event filled with huge thrills, surprise victories and nail biting finishes.

For those who are unfamiliar with the sport of curling, it is best to describe it as a sport that is similar to bowls. Rectangular sheets of ice are used as a field. Two teams play against each other at a time, and there are four members in each team. Polished granite stones with handles on the top are gently pushed down the ice, trying to reach the target, which is known in curling as the house. Every time one team member pushes a stone, there are two team mates on the ice sweeping in front of the stone in order to assist in making it reach its target.

In Scotland, the game of curling can be traced back as far as the 1500s, as the first documented reference was made in 1541, in the Paisley Abbey records. Also, two breathtaking paintings by the talented Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted in 1565, clearly depict a scene of peasants curling. But other evidence to its earlier existence was found while draining a pond. In the pond, workers discovered an old curling stone with the year 1511 inscribed into the stone. One of the oldest curling clubs is also in Scotland, the Kilsyth Curling Club, established in 1716.

The Glynhill Ladies International Curling Competition is sponsored by the Glynhill Hotel and has prize money of £8,000 waiting for the winning team. The Braehead Rink will be hosting the event, as it has many successful events under its belt, such as the World Wheelchair Curling Championships and the World Seniors Curling Championships. The championship rules remain in accordance with the WCF regulations. The Glynhill Ladies International Curling Competition is set to be a spectacular curling event. As a spectator sport, there is much to cheer for and these ladies welcome all the support and encouragement they are given by the spectators and fans.