Family Fun at Jedforest Deer and Farm Park

Set in the spectacular countryside of Jed Valley, Jedforest Deer and Farm Park offers the perfect venue for an affordable family outing near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. Fresh country air, breathtaking scenery, interesting walking trails, fun activities and fascinating animals are some of the features of this popular attraction.

Among the animals to be found at Jedforest are rare breeds of sheep, pigs, cattle, goats, poultry and ducks, as well as four different deer species. Some of the farm animals which were once plentiful in the United Kingdom are now only found in small numbers on farms like this. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) has been established to ensure that these species don’t die out completely, and Jedforest Deer and Farm Park participates in a controlled breeding program with most of the animals being registered as pedigree. The Tamworth pig is one of the animals at risk of extinction. As the only British red pig, its coloring was inherited from the West Indies Axford pig. The advantage of this coloring is that, unlike its white cousins, Tamworth pigs do not get sunburned. They do well outside, but need to be restricted as they devour any available vegetation. White in color, with a distinctive turned-up snout, the middle white pig has become the rarest breed of pig in Britain, while the Wessex Saddleback is known for its docile nature and nurturing qualities.

Cattle at Jedforest include Highland cattle and Belted Galloway, while rare sheep breeds include the Soay, Manx Loghtan, Shetland, Hebridean, South Down and Grey-faced Dartmoor. The Soay bears a close resemblance to the Mouflon sheep native to Corsica and Sardinia. Unlike most sheep, these hardy, horned animals do not like to be herded, and the majority of its coat consists of hair which is shed in the summer. The Manx Loghtan is thought to have been introduced to the Isle of Man by Viking settlers. Both males and females have two pairs of horns, with rams being known for growing as many as three pairs.

Visitors will have the opportunity of viewing a range of deer along the walking trails. These include Fallow, Sika, Red and White Red deer. Featuring true brown eyes, White Red deer are not albino animals, but are Natural Red Deer with white genes from both female and male – a very rare occurance.

Jedforest is also home to Falconry Scotland Birds of Prey, with demonstrations taking place at lunchtime and mid-afternoon. Other features at Jedforest Deer and Farm Park include a wooded adventure playground, indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as a shop and tearoom – all the necessities for a pleasant day out in the country.