Children and Disabled Persons have an Exclusive Golf Course in Scotland

Scotland is the home of golf in Europe and certainly that is a good enough reason to visit this charming country. Now there is a special golf course catering only to children and disabled persons in Edinburgh where they can just turn up and play. There is no dress code and the club provides balls and clubs, free of cost. This is a great way to introduce your youngsters to the game and keep them occupied on your vacation in Scotland while you do your own thing. This is the first course of this type in the U.K. and disabled persons can now enjoy a game at their own pace.

The 12-hole Hermitage Family Golf Course was built with the aid of a 200,000 pound sportscotland lottery award and is a part of ‘clubgolf’, which is a partnership between the Scottish Golf Union, the Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association, the Professional Golfers’ Association, the Golf Foundation and sportscotland.

The national junior golf strategy has introduced programs all over Scotland and already 129 clubs have enrolled in Stage 1. Plans are afoot to develop 50 new facilities to encourage more youngsters to play golf and ensure that every nine year old in Scotland has been introduced to the game. The strategy is sure to pay off and Scotland can look forward to future generations of champion golfers.

The fantastic new course at Braid Hills Drive in Edinburgh has been built on 14 acres of converted grazing land and the twelve holes range from 60 to 250 yards, laid out around the clubhouse. The first six holes are relatively wide open, a great way to develop one’s game and confidence but the next six are more difficult.

There are facilities for children at other courses in Scotland but not of the standard of this course, nor is there any catering to the specific needs of disabled persons. A resident PGA golf professional offers private and group golf lessons and children’s golf lessons and golf camps are held all year round. The Hermitage Clubhouse has an open to all coffee house.