Atholl Country Life Museum

Hearing or reading about the history of a city or village is interesting, but being able to see and experience it is a unique and rare opportunity. The Atholl Country Life Museum retraces the lives of those in Atholl, looking at family life, public services and even some of the colorful people who lived in this quaint destination in Scotland. Looking back over the centuries, the Atholl Country Life Museum has documented the development and modernization of Atholl. Through its interactive and detailed displays, visitors to the museum will find it to be an attraction that will fascinate and entertain the entire family.

The Blair Atholl School was closed in 1974 after educating the local school children for over a hundred and forty years. In 1981, the Atholl Country Life Museum opened its doors in the school building, and many of its most treasured exhibitions and artifacts were collected from the old school itself and local community members who come from a long line of Atholl residents. Authentic and invaluable pieces of the past are displayed in colorful and realistic re-enactment displays and exhibits.

A wide range of displays cover almost every aspect of life in Atholl, such as schooling, work, postal service, daily chores, and even the wildlife found in the area. The real life displays include a school room, 1930’s Post Office, horse harnesses, rail services, blacksmith, a doctor’s horse sleigh, road services and an old kitchen. It is also home to the only stuffed Highland cow that one will find in Scotland. Photographs, documents, items, stories, legends and displays bring to life the characters and community that once lived in Atholl. But children can also experience what school used to be like, by sitting in the old school desks, discovering the educational tools of the time and exploring the fascinating items in the children’s chest.

The Atholl Country Life Museum is open to the public during the week and weekends, depending on the month, and visitors are advised to inquire about their times beforehand. A small cafeteria offers refreshments and a little rest after delving into the beauty and simplicity of the past.