A Visit to Plockton

It is quiet outside your bedroom window. The only sound filling the crisp morning air is that of wild coastal birds and the roar of the ocean tides. Loch Carron flows and changes silently as fishermen and boats make their way over its waters. When waking up to picturesque scenes like these, it can only mean that you are in one of the most breathtaking villages in Scotland, namely Plockton. Its history is that of prosperity and downfall, but the village has managed to survive and is today a popular historical attraction in Scotland.

Plockton began its life as a small crafting hamlet and was known as Am Ploc. In the early 1800s, most landowners began to let out pieces of their land to sheep farmers as additional income, but many crofters lived on the land and were forced to emigrate to other villages and towns. Sir Hugh Innes found himself in the same situation and created the fishing village of Plockton to relocate his crofters to. The village quickly gained momentum as herring fishing suddenly became a lucrative industry. Unfortunately, the herring migration patterns changed, and the herring fishing industry dried up. Together with the 1840 potato famine, the village fell into disrepair and became known as the village of the poor.

Today the village consists of beautifully restored buildings and homes, picturesque landscapes and a small fishing industry that brings home fresh lobsters and prawn. It transports visitors back in time and offers a destination that guarantees rest, rejuvenation and adventure. The friendly and busy villagers give Plockton a lively and festive atmosphere, and the best time to visit is during summer and the annual Plockton Regatta. Quaint shops, tasty meals at restaurants and comfortable accommodation, all ensure an unforgettable stay in the village. Boat trips and sight seeing tours are amongst the activities available in Plockton and attractions such as the Lochalsh Woodland Garden, Craig Rare Breeds Farm and Duncraig Castle have made this destination very popular. Including the fact that is was the set of the Hamish Macbeth drama series, filmed here by the BBC. For a destination in Scotland filled with beauty, activities and history, Plockton is well worth the visit.