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    Glendale Toy Museum

    Please note: The Glendale Toy Museum closed down in November 2012The Glendale Toy Museum is owned by Terry and Paddy Wilding, and it is located just before you reach Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye. Here you will be met with breathtaking views, crisp fresh air and picturesque scenes of the Outer Hebrides and MacLeods Tables. The Glendale Toy Museum is an attraction in Scotland ...

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    Edinburgh Museum of Childhood

    How many times do we sit and watch children, and remember our own childhood days. Your first pair of roller skates, playing hop scotch in the school playground and hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids. Your very first doll whose name you can still remember or the toy car that you finally got for Christmas, are all memories that still bring a smile to your face and warm ...