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  • Highlands


    The name Shieldaig means “Herring Bay”, and it was known to be the best herring location from the time that the Vikings dominated the waters. The village itself was only established in 1800 through grants that were given during the rule of Napoleon. In 1815, Napoleon's reign came to an abrupt end, but the fishing village of Shieldaig kept on thriving. Loch Shieldaig still plays ...

  • Castles


    There is a popular ballad about Airlie Castle and its history, ‘The Bonnie Hoose o’Airlie’, that is still sung in Scotland. This fifteenth century Scottish castle of pink sandstone was bought by the Ogilvy family in 1432, presumably for its fine defensive position and became the official clan seat of the Ogilvies. The present Earl's younger brother, Angus Ogilvy, is the husband of Princess ...

  • Literature


    Folklore is the concept of tales, legends or superstitions current among a particular population. Folklore is a part of the oral history of a particular culture. Scotland's folklore is very diverse and can be a little complicated to understand at times.There are a few popular folklore creatures in Scotland, such as: the Banshee; the Brownie; the Kelpie; the Selkie; and the ...

  • Culture


    Sir James Barrie was born on 9 May 1860 in Scotland and died on 19 June 1937 in London, England. He was a dramatist and novelist who was probably best known for his fiction, "Peter Pan", the boy who refused to grow up. He studied at the University of Edinburgh and spent quite a while on the Nottingham Journal before he set off to London as a free-lance writer in 1885.James ...