John Muir Way Leads You on a Path of Discovery

John Muir Way in Scotland, is a beautiful nature path that takes you along the country’s coastline and invites you to explore this splendidly beautiful little part of the natural world. The path is 73km in long and runs all the way from the Edinburgh City Council boundary to the Scottish Borders, crossing East Lothian along the way.

The East Lothian Council has been hard at work lately trying to ensure that John Muir Way is a continuous path that is a pleasure to explore. Some sections of the path are still being improved upon, but walkers determined to make the most of it can be assured that the route will afford them some truly magnificent views of East Lothian. These paths not only allow walkers to explore the country’s coastline, but provide access to a number of historic sites that can be found in this unique and diverse part of the country. Thus far the sections that have been completed include: Fisherrow Harbor to Cockenzie (10km), Cockenzie to Aberlady (8.5km), Aberlady to North Berwick (15km), North Berwick to Dunbar (24km) and Dunbar Harbour to Dunglass (16km). Along the way walkers are invited to explore lagoons, recourses, museums, bays, beaches, castles, grand old houses, large parks and more. It certainly is a treat for anyone who chooses to explore the whole route.If the idea of walking John Muir Way in Scotland sounds appealing to you, you’ll be happy to know that the trails are well signposted with green signs and that leaflets and maps can be obtained online. What’s more, because of the short distances of many of the trails, almost anyone can walk John Muir Way. In fact, you probably wont have to carry much more than your wallet and a bottle of water for most of the way since you can stop and refresh at quite a few of the towns and villages along the way. Transport back to your starting point is also easy to arrange. However, if you feel up to tackling the whole route in one, continuous cycle, you’ll find that a circular walk is available. There are also a number of secondary paths leading to the main path that are begging to be explored. John Muir Way certainly is a great path worthy of exploration.