Amazing Art at Trongate 103

Trongate 103 is a new and innovative way to explore art. It has given it new life and an exciting vision to the running of art galleries and studios, becoming a centre for the exploration and appreciation of art, as well as a home to projects and freedom of expression. Glasgow has never had a centre quite like Trongate 103, and it is proving to be a enormous success. Divided into six floors, the massive building once housed an Edwardian warehouse, but it is now taking history into the future with this latest concept.

The Trongate 103 consists of a variety of creative organizations and studios that are located on various floors. They also differ in their artistic disciplines. Amongst them are the Glasgow Print Studio, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow Media Access Centre and the Transmission Gallery, to name but a few. The Glasgow Independent Studios, located on the fourth floor, for instance, provides individual studio space for artists, with adequate lighting and work room. Artists can rent the space and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Trongate 103, no matter what medium of art they practice.

Each division in the centre has artists and creative minds at work, making use of the premises to create their masterpieces. There is also a gallery where the work is on display, and members of the public are invited to visit the complex to be inspired and appreciate the work that is created in Glasgow by local artists. Photography is also explored at Trongate 103. The photography section boasts a dark room, digital scanning equipment and an area to dry both color and black and white moments captured on film.

In the near future, educational programs, activities and workshops will be made available for the public to participate in, where they will be able to try their hand at a variety of skills such as animation, photography, film making and various other creative mediums. People and children with special needs will also be accommodated. After building up an appetite with all the creative juices flowing, visitors are recommended to try the cuisine at the Café Cossachok, which it the only Russian restaurant in the country that serves authentic cuisine. A day spent at Trongate 103 is most definitely a unique experience from start to finish.