A Family Outing to Satrosphere Science Centre

The Satrosphere Science Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland, was established in 1988 and forms a part of the scientific centers network in Scotland that includes the Glasgow Science Centre, Sensation Dundee and Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. All these centers strive to bring the magnificence and splendor of science to the public, while trying to gain the interest of undiscovered scientists. The Satrosphere Science Centre focuses mainly on younger children, and displays exhibits that they will find exciting, interesting and fun.

With more than fifty thousand visitors that pass through the doors of the Satrosphere Science Centre, it has not only become a popular attraction with tourists, but is seen as a valuable educational tool for children. Workshops, shows and interactive exhibits make the centre a fascinating excursion for the entire family to enjoy. Parents get the opportunity to explore the world of science with their children, and children are educated and taught new things without them even realizing it!

In between the ever changing exhibitions, the Satrosphere Science Centre also organizes special events throughout the year, with the remainder of this year being filled with the Vanishing Ice Exhibition (30th June to 31st August), the Magic Planet Show (2nd July to 31st August), October Show: How to Make the Perfect Poo (13th October to 26th October), Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year (13th October to 26th October) and the Spooky Halloween Party (31st October). The workshops and shows look at subjects such as nocturnal animals, the five human senses, how toys are made, electricity, the human body and many more. Parents looking for a unique venue for a birthday party can also look at the Satrosphere Science Centre for assistance, as they have great packages available and can guarantee that all the children will be entertained.

Other facilities at the centre include a café that offers tasty refreshments and the gift shop that is filled with a vast range of interesting scientific toys, accessories and souvenirs. The Satrosphere Science Centre is an attraction that will thrill, inspire and renew interest in the marvels of science in both young and old. With world class exhibits and curriculum orientated workshops, learning has never been as much fun as when it is done at the Satrosphere Science Centre!