Scottish Cuisine

Haggis is possibly the best known Scottish delicacy. Its rich flavor is enjoyed by many, once they get over the hurdle of what its ingredients are. Haggis is made fromsheep's offal (or pluck). Haggis definitely isn't a meal for someone with a weak stomach. It is almost bordering on "Fear Factor" food. Nonetheless its a much loved form of cuisine by many a traditional Scotsmen. More...

Few people will be able to tell the precise moment of which Scottish Whisky was first distilled. The exact birth of distilling are unknown, and it is uncertain precisely when the techniques first reached Britain's shores. But what is certain is that the art of distilling in Scotland dates back to many centuries, they named it the water of life - uisge beatha. Over the years the Scots have perfected the art of distilling whisky by using all the elements that were provided to them by nature itself.

Scottish Whisky, or better known as Scotch, is widely familiar as the world's leading spirit. Its success in the international market has led to Scotch being sold in over 200 countries around the globe. However, it may only be called "Scotch" if it has been distilled and matured in Scotland. This well-known international spirit is distilled in a land that is of utmost beauty, and it takes nothing from Mother Nature that she will not gladly replace. Of all the spirits mankind has distilled, refined and improved from nature's huge stores of goodness, Scotch is the most dignified. It is a natural drink, a distillation of the riches with which Scotland is gifted - fields of golden barley and wheat, clear waters tumbling down glens of granite and over moors of peat; and the cool, pure air of Scotland. More...


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