Castles in Perthshire

When you are in the region of Perthshire it is worth making a visit to Burleigh Castle, a strangely shaped and small 16th century tower house. What makes it so interesting is its corner tower, which has a round base but near the top it widens out into a square. Huntingtower castle is also oddly shaped due to two family towers that were later joined together. Another castle to visit is Balvaird Castle, which is situated on a hill that overlooks the eastern part of the Ochil Hills and just falls short of the rocky, impassable Sterling Castle. Elcho Castle is a family castle and has always belonged to the Earls of Wemyss until 1929 when it was taken over by the State. If you are looking for a spectacular castle to go visit, the Menzies Castle is a must. Unlike many other castles, Menzies has been restored to its original beauty and is a wonderful example of the shift between rugged fortress and the mansion house. Last but not least a visit to Taymouth Castle will show you the luxury and refinement created by renowned architects in the early 19th century. Taymouth Castle is privately owned and so tours for the public are not possible.

Airlie Castle, Perthshire

There is a popular ballad about Airlie Castle and its history, ‘The Bonnie Hoose o’Airlie’, that is still sung in Scotland. This fifteenth century Scottish castle of pink sandstone was bought by the Ogilvy family in 1432, presumably for its fine defensive position and became the official clan seat of the Ogilvies. The present Earl's younger brother, Angus Ogilvy, is the husband of Princess Alexandra. Airlie Castle stands on the 69,000 acre Airlie Estate which lies on the Southern side of the Angus Glens. Airlie Castle lies some nine miles to the northeast of Blairgowrie, in Perthshire

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Balvaird Castle, Perthshire

Balvaird Castle stands on a hilltop on a wild and lonely spot in the Ochil Hills. It is about three miles from Glenfarg, not far from Perth in Perthshire, Scotland. A remnant of feudal times it commands an excellent view over the Eden valley and the Lomonds.

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Burleigh Castle, Perthshire

The ruins of Burleigh Castle lie to the east of Milnathort not far from Perth and Kinross in Scotland. The castle was built of red sandstone and surrounded by a moat. The original structure comprised of two towers built over two periods of time. It was partly built in the 15th century and the second tower which was a gate house dates back to 1582. They were connected by a curtain wall.The land was in the possession of the Balfours since 1446. It was not a particularly significant structure architecturally but has historical significance as a place visited by King James IV.

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Elcho Castle, Perthshire

Elcho Castle is well-preserved castle of the sixteenth century, just 150 meters from the south bank of the River Tay in Easter Elcho near Rhynd. It is four miles south-east of Perth and Kinross. The Z-plan tower house was designed as a castle that was both comfortable and easily defended.

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Huntingtower Castles, Perthshire

Huntingtower Castle was originally the House of Ruthven.The Ruthvens held the lands from 1100s and the castle was built in the 15th Century. King James VI was imprisoned here in 1582 when he was fifteen. In revenge he killed the Ruthvens in1600 and their lands were forfeited. The name of the castle was changed to Huntingtower and it was given by the Crown to the Murrays of Tullibardine.

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Loch Leven Castle, Perthshire

Loch Leven Castle stands on an island in Loch Leven and is accessible from Kinross by boat from the main pier opposite the Kirkgate Park. The castle is in the care of Historic Scotland. It has been witness to much drama of Scotland’s history.

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Menzies Castle, Perthshire

Castle Menzies is a spectacular sixteenth century castle, restored by the Menzies Clan Society to what it would have looked like originally. It was the seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 400 years. Castle Menzies, pronounced 'Mingies', stands north of the River Tay at Weem. It is a very fine Z-plan castle typical of East Scotland with a large 19th century wing. The main block has three stories and an attic, with the two projecting square towers of five stories. It is a good example of the structures built in those days as a transition between the earlier rugged fortress and later mansion house.

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Taymouth Castle, Perthshire

Taymouth Castle has a well known golf course on its grounds and stands on the east end of Loch Tay in Perthshire, Scotland. It lies west of Pitlochry and Aberfeldy. Taymouth Castle was the ancient seat of the powerful Campbell Earls and Marquises of Breadalbane.

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