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Be Sure to Tour Stanley Mills

Described by VisitScotland as world class, the Stanley Mills has recently opened its doors to become another leading attraction in Scotland. Located in an idyllic setting on the banks of the River Tay, the Stanley Mills is more than just a tourist attraction, it is an ambitious project that combines the history of Scotland with the latest technology, so as to protect and promote the heritage of the country. Focusing on the Industrial Revolution and the industrial history of Perth, Stanley Mills is a hands-on trip into the past.

The Stanley Mills began its existence in 1786, when the first mill was constructed on the River Tay, allowing the massive machinery to be powered by the water wheels in the river. Another mill was eventually added to the original building, but was destroyed in 1799 when a fire broke out. The fire damage and the following drop in the industry led to the closure of the mills. It found new life for a while the year 1801 when it was bought by James Craig. However, it was again closed down in 1813. Buchanan & Co reopened the mills in 1823 and made a success of the mills until they sold it to Samuel Howard in 1852. But the Stanley Mills faced hardship and closure again during the 1860’s, due to the Cotton Famine. In 1876, F.S. Sandeman took the innovation of turbines to Stanley Mills to replace the water wheels. By means of belting, webbing, cotton, fibres and various other products, the mills stayed in business until they closed for the last time in 1989.

Historic Scotland bought the mills in 1995 and began to undertake an ambitious project, not to re-establish the mills as a working mill, but to renovate and remodel the mills into a lasting attraction. Relics and items from the eighteenth century pay honor to the cotton merchants and the industrial revolution of the time. The Stanley Mills are as educational as they are interesting, as visitors will discover how the water wheels created power, how children were vital to the mills, learn more about the industrial revolution, the daily running of the mills and be given insight into the lives of the workers. Exhibits, interactive exhibits, video footage and displays bring the mills back to life.

Thousands of visitors have come to explore the Stanley Mills since its opening, and have shared in the joys and heartaches that the mills endured. It is the perfect destination for a day out with the family, as the displays and exhibits are fascinating for both adults and children. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Historic Scotland society, the Stanley Mills will never again have to fear closure, as it is now an attraction and historic facility for local and international visitors to enjoy.


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