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  • Edinburgh and Lothians

    East Linton

    The River Tyne has long enabled a succession of mills to operate through a supply of water-generated power. The most prominent of these mills is the Preston Mill that is located just north east of the village of East Linton. The history of the town and the mill have long been intertwined. Today the town serves as the perfect place to stay when making a visit to this ancient mill. The Preston ...

  • Edinburgh and Lothians


    The small village of Innerwick is not generally seen as having any special attraction. It is situated roughly 4 miles south east of Dunbar and overlooks the North Sea. The village and surrounding area have been designated as a conservation area and this is really the reason why the village is so small. However, being a conservation area also has its advantages and while people may not flock ...

  • Museums

    Scottish Agricultural Museum

    The Scottish Agricultural Museum has undergone a series of improvements and is now known as the National Museum of Rural LifeWhen you tour rural Scotland you will find many picturesque farms – many of which date back over hundreds, if not thousands, of years. These farms each have a unique story which makes them extra special to the people who live on them. While you may not be able to ...