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  • Newhaven Heritage Museum

    Please note that Newhaven Heritage Museum has been closed.The Newhaven Heritage Museum is located next to the Newhaven Harbor. This is a museum attraction in Scotland like no other. It is situated in the Newhaven Fish Market which is rich in heritage and is a living reminder of the lives that the fishing community, both men and women, led. The Newhaven Harbour used to be a ...

  • James Hamilton Heritage Park

    At the James Hamilton Heritage Park leisure facility you will find the 23-hectare reserve just outside of East Kilbride. It is a great place to visit if you want to take your family away for the day for something different. Here you can entertain yourself with the rowing boats, canoes and kayaks that are provided specifically for your use on the 16-acre loch.

  • Glen Nant National Nature Reserve

    Glen Nant National Nature Reserve (Glen Nant NNR) is a renowned Scottish oakwood with a fascinating history and many interesting creatures. It is well known for the woodants that call it home as well as for playing a role in the history of iron-making in Scotland. The Scottish Natural Heritage organization and Forestry Commission have jurisdiction over Glen Nant National Nature Reserve, ...