Scotland Forum Member Help

How do I post on the discussion boards?

  • To post a message on the discussion boards you must be a Club Member. If you are not a member click here to join.
  • To respond to a post, click the "post reply" button. This button appears on the right-hand side on a bar under the thread title, and also at the bottom of the page under the last post.
  • To start a new thread click the "new thread" button above the thread list if you are on the threads page, or above the first message if you are on a post page.
  • If you are not logged in you will be asked to enter your user name and password before continuing.
  • Enter a subject, choose an icon, enter your message text, choose your options, then click "Submit New Thread" or "Submit Reply" depending on which action you are performing. Your message will now be posted!

I am logged in. Why am I not listed as a “Currently active user” on the discussion boards?

In order to be listed as a “Currently active user” you must be actively participating on the board. This means you must be logged in, and you must have posted a message during your current session. This is so that you can browse the boards anonymously.

I lost my password & or username. How do I get it back?

If you’ve lost your password or username, click here. You will need to enter the email address you used to register.

How do I edit/change my profile & password?

  • Go to the Community page and log in with your current password
  • Choose the “Edit Member Profile”. You will see a field that says “Change Password”. Enter your new password here, and re-type it in the field below.
  • Click the “Submit changes” button at the bottom of the form. A confirmation message should appear once your password and general information has been changed.