Take Time Out at The Ocean Rooms Spa

For many there is no better way to relax than to enjoy a good massage whilst listening to the calming sounds of the ocean. Many will argue that water has many ways of healing body and mind but not everyone has access to either waterfalls or oceans. The Ocean Rooms Spa makes good use of the healing power of water but you do not have to travel to the far-flung corners of the earth to enjoy it. Situated at 4 Princes Street in Edinburgh, the Ocean Rooms Spa is a very accessible and very affordable option for those who are looking for a great way to relax.

The Ocean Rooms Spa offers most conventional spa treatments but also offers a number of special spa packages with a delightful new twist. The Pre & Post Flight Delight is the perfect way to relax before or after a long air journey. The treatment takes almost two hours and helps not only your mind and body to relax but places special emphasis on the feet and legs – which are often cramped on long flights – and on back tension which may be caused by long periods of sitting. The Ocean Spa Indulgence package lasts five hours and pampers every inch of your body. It makes use of facials, back, neck and shoulder massages, hot stones, manicures and pedicures combined with specially chosen essential oils to truly pamper the individual. Those looking for the ultimate pamper party indulgence will be delighted to know that appointments can be made for large groups with various options ranging from affordable to expensive.

What really makes the Ocean Rooms Spa truly different is the fact that the spa makes good use of a number of ‘Thalgo’ marine nutrients. Anything from seaweed to sea algae is used for different purposes to provide a truly rejuvenating spa treatment. The ocean is seen as being a unique source of algae, vitamins, proteins and amino acids which can be used to rebalance the skin and improve outer beauty. So give the Ocean Rooms Spa in Edinburgh a try and discover the Thalgo difference.

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