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Haggis in the Highlands [00:46]
Scotland isn't known for it's pastries and chocolates, fruits or toast. But instead Scotland is better known for it's haggis. You can buy haggis everywhere it seems, from cafes to restaurants, service stations and even supermarkets in tinned cans.. So inevitably, being in Scotland meant haggis would need to be sampled. Personally, I refuse to eat foods with a sketchy ingredients list, so Samantha took one for the team and found out what it meant to be Scottish.
Tags: Scotland, Haggis, Hannah Klassek, Travel, Food, Highlands

Scotland [07:58]
Sue's sabbatical 2012 takes her north in the UK to Edinburgh, where beautiful sooty buildings of old, a graveyard, castle and school that JK Rowling viewed as she wrote her famous series, and rowdy drinkers singing in the streets at 3AM charmed her. Izzy's walking tour helped round out the historical stories, including that of Bobby the faithful dog. Scotland was full of laughter and a taste of haggis.
Tags: Scotland, Edinburgh, sabbatical, 2012, Sue, Lauther, Emma, Willard, School, castle, Bobby, the, dog, haggis

The Tartan Day Parade. 55th and 6th Ave NYC. A parade and a people deserving of serious campaigning advertisement and attention. Scotland is an astonishingly beautiful country with a boundless history and the kindest people. There are events leading up for an entire week before the parade. The Scottish drink as much as the Irish! If you can be Irish and declare it for near a week in the Tri- State area when you know you are not then you can be Scottish too! Become a castle whisky and haggis hunter. GO TO SCOTLAND NOW and join the parade in 2013!
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