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    Findlater Castle gets its name from Norse, Fyn meaning "white" and leitr "cliff". The quartz in the rock gives it the name. Findlater, or Fynletyr, is a town on the coast of Banffshire, a few miles west of Banff, between Cullen and Sand-end. The castle stands on a tiny peninsula that projects into a small bay of the North Sea. There is a sheer drop of more than fifty feet to the rocks and ...

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    Kindrochit Castle is in ruins, right in the center of Braemar village in Royal Deeside. In an area that is known for beautiful castles like Braemar and Balmoral, one visits Kindrochit to pay homage to the first castle to be built in the village. Some of the walls are still standing, the rest have been used for other buildings or removed to build roads. The district was known as the Parish of ...

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    For centuries the inhabitants of Scotland have been building fortifications and strongholds of one kind or another. It wasn't long before magnificent castles sprung up, their glorious towers reaching for the heavens. It seems that anyone who could afford this sort of protection for their families and forces made sure that they had it. It has been estimated that there were once about ...

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    Less than two miles south of Stonehaven and fifteen miles from Aberdeen, on the east coast of Scotland, are the spectacular ruins of Dunnottar Castle. It stands on an enormous flat-topped rock with sheer cliffs on three sides overlooking the North Sea. A sense of drama fills you as you wander around the expanse dotted with remnants of Scotland’s historic past. You are surrounded by sea with ...

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    Elgin Cathedral: Magnificent Architecture of Medieval TimesAs you walk the grounds of the Elgin Cathedral, the first thought that comes to mind is the intricate detail that was achieved over 700 years ago in this enchanted land. Located in the town of Elgin, in the Scottish council area of Moray, this cathedral is a reminder of the diligence of those who built houses of worship without ...