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  • Royal Lochnagar

    Three years before Queen Victoria bought Balmoral in 1848, the New Lochnagar Distillery was set up on the south side of the River Dee at Craithie. The owner was John Begg and he had added the prefix ‘New’ as there was already a Lochnagar distillery on the north banks of the River Dee. Begg took a chance and invited his new royal neighbors to visit his plant which was half a mile away from ...

  • Dalhousie

    Since 1972 Dalhousie Castle is a luxury hotel that stands on acres of forest, parkland and river pasture. The Dalhousie Castle Hotel and Spa combines colorful history with ultimate luxury. Fifteen of the twenty nine bedrooms in the Castle have historical themes, including the Robert the Bruce and the De Ramseia suite.

  • Balmoral

    A visit to Balmoral, the private residence of the British Royal family in Scotland is a must do on the list of most tourists. Balmoral Castle on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire was bought by Queen Victoria in1852 after a vacation there. The original castle was considered too small for the needs of the Royal Family and the present castle was built nearby under the supervision of Prince ...