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  • Macduff Marine Aquarium

    In the north east of Scotland on Aberdeenshire's beautiful coast you will find a small fishing town called Macduff and there, among many other attractions, is the Macduff Marine Aquarium. The Marine Aquarium is under the supervision of the Aberdeenshire Council and its focus is on educating the public in an enjoyable way about the Moray Firth marine environment.

  • Inverness

    Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Macbeth’ was supposedly based in the earlier 11th century Inverness Castle, the location of Duncan’s murder. The present Inverness Castle may not be witness to anything so dramatic, but as the premises of the Sheriff’s Court it may not be without its own tales of crime and passion.

  • Nairn

    The greatest charm of Nairn Golf Course is that you can see Moray Firth from every hole. It is easy to be hypnotized by the stunning views of the waters and the golden hues and changing lights of the Black Isle. Beware! Do not let it bewitch you; it is not at all difficult to strike the ball into the sea on each of the first seven holes!

  • Fortrose Rosemarkie

    It required the creative genius of James Braid to design a full fledged eighteen-hole course on a sliver of links land on a peninsula projecting into Moray Firth. Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club was founded in 1888 on Black Isle. In the early 1930s James Braid designed this charming course on the Chanonry Point, a peninsula jutting out into Rosemarkie Bay that guards the entrance to the ...