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  • Nature Reserves

    Noss National Nature Reserve

    The Noss National Nature Reserve is located on an island that is 313 hectares in size and is only accessible by ferry, and is open in the summer months. Visitors are advised to call the ferry service before planning their trip, as bad weather conditions often cause the ferry to close down operations. The island was once inhabited by humans, approximately 24 people, who used ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Staffa National Nature Reserve

    Standing out of the ocean, measuring just a half mile in length and a quarter mile in width, is the remarkable Staffa. This unique habitat has been declared the Staffa National Nature Reserve and is an important site for nesting seabirds, including the fascinating puffin. Indeed, Staffa has been an object of interest for many years with famous individuals such as Queen Victoria, Sir Walter ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Spey Bay Reserve

    Most know Spey Bay Reserve as being a great place to go for walks – a reputation that is well deserved since there are several excellent short and long walks within the confines of the reserve. However, the Spey Bay Reserve is also home to the largest area of coastal shingle in Scotland as well as several different bird, insect and plant species. During spring and summer, flowers bloom and ...