Football in Scotland

The national football team of Scotland has played international football longer than any other nation in the world, along with England. Scotland competed against England in the world's first international football match at the West of Scotland Cricket Club, Patrick, in 1872; the match ended 0-0. The Scottish Football Museum has on display the world's oldest cap and match ticket from this first international match. The cap was awarded to one of three Queen's Park players who played in the first three internationals against England.

Recently, Scotland has become famous for its traveling support,
known as the Tartan Army, which has won numerous awards from FIFA
and UEFA for their combination of rapid support and their friendly
nature. Scotland has qualified for eight World Cups, but never got
past the first round. Their most well-known result was in 1967,
when they defeated, the then FIFA world champions, England 3-2 at
the Wembley Stadium.

There are twelve teams all together that compete in the Scottish
Premier League:

The clubs that are members of the Scottish Football League are divided
into three sections: the First Division, Second Division, and Third Division.

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