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  • Perthshire


    High above the narrow and deep valley of Strathmore, spills the mighty River Ericht. Its immense strength has long been a source of life for the twin towns Blairgowrie and Rattray that came to rest on the embankments of this river many hundreds of years ago. Unlike so many other villages and towns of old, Blairgowrie had already begun to establish itself as an expanding town with the ...

  • Castles


    Kindrochit Castle is in ruins, right in the center of Braemar village in Royal Deeside. In an area that is known for beautiful castles like Braemar and Balmoral, one visits Kindrochit to pay homage to the first castle to be built in the village. Some of the walls are still standing, the rest have been used for other buildings or removed to build roads. The district was known as the Parish of ...

  • Castles


    Braemar Castle in Aberdeenshire has the most famous and illustrious neighbors anyone in Scotland could want. The castle and Invercauld estate is next to Balmoral, the private residence of the British Royal Family. Owned by the Farquharson family, the Invercauld estate is run very much the way Balmoral is and the inspiration has given visitors a lovely property to see, experience and even ...