What I Did Last Summer Part 2

This is a mix of seen and unseen video some I forgot I had. It was tucked away in a folder that I found. In this video I decided to limit the editing and use raw footage as some parts were cuts from other stuff I had used and they were relatively short in length so what editing I did tried to string them together. Most of the first few minutes were filmed in late September when I took my older brother, my son and daughter to Glen Etive. The rest was filmed at different times and places throughout last summer 2011. Again the footage taken was of moments when the weather was not raining or stormy. 2011 summer was a wet and stormy season here, the worst I can remember. The Music is a mystery? I cannot remember the name or the composer or artists of this lovely piece. I cannot get a digital reading on it as i burned it on a CD some time ago and never recorded the name and I lost the original. In my opinion the music its self is worth listening to on its own! What with the whole world in tension and what seems at each others throats, I hope this video and the others I do remind us of other things that are important to us Enjoy.