VPW – Edinburgh Scotland HIRL with Dolidh Young 07142012_RevB

Welcome to Virtual Photo Walks. In the world of Google+ we all know the term H.I.R.L. (Hangout In Real Life) and we know H.I.R.L.'s have been happening all over the world. Today we had a very special treat as our friend Dolidh Young took us to the Edinburgh Scotland H.I.R.L. Dolidh showed us everything "plus" more with many surprises along the way. Please enjoy this Virtual Photo Walks with Dolidh Young. Virtual Photo Walks, "Walk the walk for those that can't". We take people places they would otherwise never visit. If you would like to get involved with Virtual Photo Walks or know someone that would benefit from this program. Please contact us at virtualphotowalks@gmail.com Get involved today, you'll be glad you did! Thank you for watching and sharing.