Tour of Scotland

Before anyone accuses me of not showing the prettiest areas of Scotland, eg the scenery, mountains, rivers etc.... there are o load of videos on youtube doing that already. This is a series of photographs of other parts of Scotland and Scottish life. The football grounds, the harbours, the airports, the local industries, high streets etc.... Not many mountains and rivers here though, just some of the cities, places of interest and interesting (IMO) things. Each city shown can be identified by a view of its harbour/airport or football grounds at the beginning of it's sequence...Yes, I have unfortunately missed out the borders and a lot of the west coast...and probably other stuff I could have put in, but the limit for clips on youtube is 10 mins, this is only 5 secs within that. The clip starts in Inverness, comes eastwards down through Speyside and Aberdeenshire to Aberdeen, then down the east coast to Angus and Dundee..thereafter to Perth, Perthshire, East Fife, Stirling then back along the north shore of the Forth and over the bridge to Edinburgh, then west to Glasgow. Thanks to Scottish band Simple Minds for the backing music. The tracks are the excellent 'This is your Land' and 'New Gold Dream'.