Loch Ness Scotland at Glenurquhart castle, 13th april 2009 at 13.00 hrs ... spring feeding frenzy at loch ness after a hungry winter - and the government deploy black choppers to buzz the creatures back underwater to 'keep it real' for us ... its the east end of loch ness so I guess its a jurassic park version of eastenders. Having seen jackie gillies footage of the big stuff under the water from the cliffs above glen urquhart - I'm sure that the place is full of prehistoric life .. gillies also has footage of the creature biting a basking shark in half !! I'm more than aware that the dark low-grade sunlight-free ecosystem of Loch Ness cannot sustain huge amounts of food chain to feed a family of monsters. But then if you were checking out film cameraman JJ Gillies aka Skywatcher Scotland you would see the monsters enter the Loch from the abyss at the base of the cliffs to the west of Urquhart castle. The likeliest scenario is that Loch Ness being on the great glen faultline probably has cavernous connections that run under the local mountains where some prehistoric foodchain still dwells. I was always intrigued by the people that allege to stay there for 20 years and not see anything -- for everytime JJ Gillies pulls out a camera at Urquhart castle there's some big dinosaur pushing its way through the waters. My own experience was taking the boat tour -- and the boatman/driver would give me intense and worried stares in the rear-view mirror as a couple of weathered and athletic muscular types wanted to play at tourist for the day ... What gets it for me is the sight of a black chopper driving the surfacing beasts underwater before the start of the noisy propeller boats for the day ... __________________________________________________________ Thanks for visiting my Scottish Paranormal online shop! Find what you're looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. Andrew Hennessey Ufologist and Paranormal photographer has brought together a collection of incredible paranormal images from Scotland. You'll find unique merchandise with my art and photographs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, prints, and more. here's the LochNessMonsters shop