The Bonnie Lass o’ Fyvie Folk Night Wheel Inn Scone Perthshire Scotland

Tour Scotland video of John Davidson singing The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie at the Wheel Inn in Scone by Perth, Perthshire, Scotland. John singing at a Folk Night on visit to my village of Scone. There once was a troop o' Irish dragoons Cam marching doon through Fyvie-o And the captain's fa'en in love wi' a very bonnie lass And her name it was ca'd pretty Peggy-o There's many a bonnie lass in the Howe o Auchterless There's many a bonnie lass in the Garioch There's many a bonnie Jean in the streets of Aiberdeen But the floower o' them aw lies in Fyvie-o O come doon the stairs, Pretty Peggy, my dear Come doon the stairs, Pretty Peggy-o Come doon the stairs, comb back your yellow hair Bid a last farewell to your mammy-o It's braw, aye it's braw, a captain's lady for to be And it's braw to be a captain's lady-o It's braw to ride around and to follow the camp And to ride when your captain he is ready-o O I'll give you ribbons, love, and I'll give you rings I'll give you a necklace of amber-o I'll give you a silken petticoat with flounces to the knee If you'll convey me doon to your chamber-o What would your mother think if she heard the guineas clink And saw the haut-boys marching all before you o O little would she think gin she heard the guineas clink If I followed a soldier laddie-o I never did intend a soldier's lady for to be A soldier shall never enjoy me-o I never did intend to gae tae a foreign land And I never will marry a soldier-o I'll drink nae more o your claret wine I'll drink nae more o your glasses-o Tomorrow is the day when we maun ride away So farewell tae your Fyvie lasses-o The colonel he cried, mount, boys, mount, boys, mount The captain, he cried, tarry-o O tarry yet a while, just another day or twa Til I see if the bonnie lass will marry-o Twas in the early morning, when we marched awa And O but the captain he was sorry-o The drums they did beat o'er the bonnie braes o' Gight And the band played the bonnie lass of Fyvie-o Long ere we came to Oldmeldrum toon We had our captain to carry-o And long ere we won into the streets of Aberdeen We had our captain to bury-o Green grow the birks on bonnie Ythanside And low lie the lowlands of Fyvie-o The captain's name was Ned and he died for a maid He died for the bonnie lass of Fyvie-o