Stargate Edinburgh City Tour

The Stargate Edinburgh Tour DOESN'T talk about Greyfriars Bobby or David Hume or all the other kinds of tourist ideas to be found abundantly on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Instead we go into the other side of Edinburgh, the International Illuminati capital, its very ancient history, its connection to the Lord of the Rings, Scottish rite, the ancient Greys and their presence in and around Edinburgh and we get to see what ancient alliances the establishment has commemorated in plain view for those who would wish to see it. Ancient mysteries, Anunnaki Dynasties, Atlantis, iLLuMiNaTi, faeries, greys, abductions, Arthur, Merlin - an ancient underground - deeper than Mary Kings Close and information not presented elsewhere - Edinburgh has a Very alien component to it. The Stargate Edinburgh Tour also has a Lothians excursion to places like the starbase out at Gorebridge. So much footage has been taken of Gorebridge alien activity that it is an international paradox how it is all so unreported ! Free ebooks and other briefing information on Stargate Edinburgh can be found at and of course there are links to lots of footage on the Outshore and other channels. e.g. and also The music for this advert is a track called Battle Hymn which I composed for a Solan Theatre Company show called Children of the Flame in 1985 and is played on the Clarsach by Ishbel Maltman.