Skye – Spar Cave,by Sea Kayak.

This is truly stuff of legend!! Known of this cave for quite a while,without knowing it's full details,it's marked on the O.S. map along with "Prince Charles's Cave" not big eared Charlie,Bonnie Prince Charlie,and a quick Google image search will provide you with a huge proverbial "Stick and carrot" if you're as inquisitive as me. Next problem is finding it,I read an article in "Ocean Paddler" I think it was, about Gordon Brown(not the P.M. the kayaking one,keep up now) and he described how a trip to Skye wouldn't be complete e.t.c. so I thought naturally "I'll have some of that" This was the day after my paddle up Loch Scavaig (See other 2 videos) and I was back at Elgol,kitted up,raring to go,with no O.S. map,wondering whether I could find it,or not,having chatted with a guy from Kyle who had failed on numerous occasions to find it,so much so in fact that he reckoned it didn't exist -"Spar Cave,next thing you'll be saying Elvis and Michael Jackson are really dead" I made that bit up,but yer know!Anyway I'm ready to go and who rolls up with a trailer full of Kayaks? no Not Elvis & M.J. but Gordon Brown!! A polite request for directions,the most rudimentary instructions ever,and there I was!! Wasn't that easy I can assure you,nothing ever is.Anyway armed with this video,you will have no problems finding it.Follow the coast from Elgol and it is 3.46miles(ordinary miles) or if you like the entrance is at N 57 08 .359 W 006 04 .192 on my Garmin g.p.s.72. Dont think I've done the cave interior full justice with the video,trust me it is amazing, it's all about the lack of natural light,take a spare torch as a bulb failure is unthinkable.Have a look on Google Images,some photos give a better indication of the steepness and height of the flow ramp, it is quite astonishing,even more astonishing that you can get up it!At first sight it appears impossible,but the Spar has a texture like Brain Coral,but less exaggerated and provides unbelievable grip considering there is water flowing down it,indeed this is the best place to tread,elsewhere there is grit which decreases traction. The poetry,is from "Lord of the Isles" by Walter Scott,who amongst other dignitaries visited the cave in days of yore, so when you go you're in good company,Me included hur hur! Lastly,I've done all the soundtrack me-self,Fender Strat,Yamaha keyboard with pitch bend,and echo delay,for added eeriness!! Enjoy.