Sea Kayaking – Scotland – Eyemouth to St Abbs Head.

The best laid plans of Mice and Men..............The plan was, we rendezvous at North Berwick, paddle to Bass Rock, out to the Isle of May, explore said Isle, encountering it's Flora, and Fauna, land on the Fife shore, Camp out, sample Scotland's finest Chipshop, try out dark ales, and exotic Women, return up the Forth, exploring many picturesque Harbours, and finally cross back to North Berwick, much more Worldly wise, with tales to tell, that would enchant generations to come!!!............We got as far as Bass Rock.....and even then, the return was a 'mare, barely making headway, at times, into the teeth of a westerly, that would shear the wool off Chewbacca. So the day after, nursing a wrist strain, I was keen to have an easy, relaxing day. Down to St Abbs, is about half an hour, from Alan's, and we launched at Eyemouth, that USED to have free parking, but still retains an easy launch, and accessibility. The first half of the trip is lovely, with a bit of rock-hopping, some fine coastal scenery, and one of Scotland's most lovely little harbours (Apart from the hideous Life boat station) St Abbs. Legendary amongst Scuba-Divers, and justifiably so. Cross to the White Heugh rocks, just half a mile from the harbour, and so begins the most entertaining of paddles. If you like arches, caves, gullies, all manner of geology, crystal clear water, and a plethora of seabirds (In season) then this is un-missable. You will get halfway through, and pray to God that it will never end. On the day, we ran out of daylight, and stopped short just at St Abbs head, turn around the next headland, and you come upon Pettico Wick, and little rocky landing place. On the return, we lost the light, and therefore any footage, but it was quite eerie, under the light of the Harvest Moon, but, a cross wind got up, and I struggled somewhat, with my boat 'Weather-cocking' nosing to the wind, and consequently aggravated my already strained wrist. So the day after, I decided to sit the paddle out, but the weather came good, and in hindsight, I could have managed the paddle. I consoled myself with a walk along St Abbs Head, and filmed Matt, way down below, who was a bit like a Kid, who had access to the Toy Factory. I met him around at Pettico Wick, where I had done some Bacon Butties, and he promptly ate me out of Van and Home......Jesus was Hank Marvin. He even managed to meet up with Alan, on the way back, but I had hit the dusty trail by then. Summer of 2012 has been a non-event, but even just the odd day or two like this is worth all the aggro.