Our Lady’s Well St Mary’s Monastery Kinnoull Perth Perthshire Scotland

Tour Scotland video of Our Lady's Well at St Mary's Monastery Kinnoull on visit to Perth, Perthshire. It was during the early stage of the building that a remarkable incident took place. In October 1867, a Mr Turnbull who owned the land which overlooked the new site, diverted water that flowed from his land through the Redemptorist property, and which wa essential for the stonework that had to be undertaken to build the Monastery. He also threatened legal action in order to prevent the continuation of the building. The small group of Redemptorists felt helpless in this hostile environment, and eventually turned to Mary, the Mother of God, in the hope that her powerful intercession would come to their assistance. One the final day of a Novena (nine days of prayer) to our Lady of Perpetual Succour, one of the Lay-Brothers struck a well whilst planting potatoes on the hillside, and a continuous flow of water appeared. This spring water still flows today, and has ever since been called "Our Lady's Well".