Irvine Ayrshire Scotland Old Caley Road (Winton Road) 9jan2011.Nokia 6303

This part of Irvine was renamed Old Caley Road (formerly Winton Road), in 1982. About that time, the layout of the street was slightly changed about halfway up when "the circle" (roundabout) was taken away. Old Caley Road was named after a railway line called the Caledonian, which ran from Bank Street (now the Irvine Times office), behind the odd numbers of Winton Road to the Howgate in Kilwinning, from 1890 until 1930. Most of the locals still refer to it as Winton Road, and probably always will. The old railway station is availible to view in a slide show by carsos00 on this site (as well as many other old photos of the town), if you type "old Irvine" into your youtube browser. I have never seen any old pictures of Winton Road or the surrounding areas. I wonder if anybody has any or if any were ever published? I'd love to see them. As you can see in the clip, it's being knocked down as part of a regeneration of the area. Also being demolished are Fleming Terrace, Queen Road, Vineburgh Avenue and Wallace Road. New houses are visable alongside the empty old houses that are currently awaiting demolition. This scheme has had its share of problems over the years, but my grandparents lived in a nice upstairs flat in Winton Road. I have many happy childhood memories of that house, and I'm saddened to see it all destroyed.