Grey Dawn Beach, Scotland, Shona McMillan ©

Filmed in East Lothian at around 5 am on North Berwick beach on a mild but very overcast morning in June. However, the more the clouds built up, the calmer the sea became. From far out in the Firth of Forth, noises of fishermen at work drifted across the water, mingling with the calls of Sea-gulls, Oyster Catchers and Eider Duck. Undoubtably, Scotland is very beautiful on fine and sunny, blue sky days. Yet, there is something so special about its unique atmospheric beauty when weather and nature combine to create these special, tranquil moments. Memorable occasions which serve to inspire the creative mind and nourish the artists soul. On the 1st of July, my friend and I recorded a piece of music and I 'leant' the title "Grey Dawn" to that. Later, I will combine that music with still photos which I took on this same morning. Yet here, I have chosen to leave the original soundtrack, a timeless composition by "Mother Nature" :-) For more photos from this morning see my page: Shona McMillan Celtic Reflections and also, photos on my website and myspace: and