BRITAIN: England, Scotland & Wales TO ORDER: Now the magnificent pageantry and beauty of Great Britain is available on your TV or PC. This video is your one-stop guide to Britain's rich culture, its best cities and stunning countryside. And the videos are indexed so you can plan your tour. Spectacular videos - You'll see London's majestic palaces, beautiful parks, great shopping and exciting nightlife, and visit Edinburgh, the heart of Scotland. Explore Britain's best castles, resorts, beautiful churches and its unique culture - a land of afternoon tea, Shakespeare, the Beatles, the changing of the Guard and royalty. See the charming scenery of the Lake District, the cliffs of Dover; visit Stonehenge, Oxford, medieval York, spas in the city of Bath, and learn the secret of the Tower of London. Britain - See why this is America's top foreign tourist destination Britain and America share a rich heritage and language. Incredible Travel Planner - See the videos and then plan a spectacular vacation to a land of majesty and beauty. Sites and Topics covered on the digital video -- This DVD covers the best places to visit in this country, which you can visit by train, bus, or car after you arrive via plane in the United Kingdom. You can stop at ancient battlefields, such as Stirling, or get a taste of whiskey in Scotland. England is the land of Shakespeare, the world's greatest playwright, and the Beatles, one of the most famous musical groups. This is also the land of royalty, Prince Charles <b>...</b>