Agora Gallery, Chelea NYC, Art Gallery Video

The Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC presented the exhibition "United in Art". The exhibition includes works by English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh artists. The exhibition ran through June 25th, 2010. The opening reception took place on June 10th, 2010. "United in Art" has been running at Agora Gallery for a number of years. Artists taking part in the exhibition included Roisin Fitzpatrick, Jo Tunmer, Ian Scott Reid and Patrick Pappi Pearse, amongst others. The exhibition includes many examples of colorful, vibrant paintings and works in swarovski crystal and silk. Director of Agora Gallery, Angela Di Bello, says the works in this exhibition have become more impressionist, over the years. Many of the participating artists have a fabulous sense of color and light. They are able to express their emotions through their work. The exhibition ran from June 4th - June 25th 2010 at the Art Gallery's, Chelsea, NYC location. United in Art: Fine Art from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales Exhibition Announcement: