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  • Ayrshire


    The harbor town of Troon in South Ayrshire is probably best known as a golfing destination. Boasting some six golf courses, Royal Troon is the most highly regarded course in Troon. The Royal Troon Golf Club as established in the town in 1878, with just 5 holes. In 1886, the course was expanded to 18 holes, and in 1923 the first Open Championship was hosted here. Since then, the Royal Troon ...

  • Argyll


    The small fishing village of Tarbert is thought to have been founded around 836 AD since it was around this time that it was first mentioned in the annals of Ulster. By that stage it was already a major centre of the herring industry and today it continues to enjoy significance as a port town. The harbor in Tarbert is currently used mainly for the docking of boats and the loading and ...

  • Argyll


    At the head of the Gare Loch you will find a small village by the name of Garelochhead, situated in Argyll and Bute in Scotland. Garelochhead is a reasonably young village in comparison to others that have been around for centuries. Garelochhead was formed in the 1820s, the same time the steamer cruise was first introduced, to accommodate steam cruise passengers that were passing by. It was ...