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  • Loch Ardinning Reserve

    If you travel north for two miles from Milngavie, you will arrive at the 142-hectare Loch Ardinning Reserve. Dr. Robert Ker handed over the reserve to the Scottish Wildlife Trust in 1988. The northern most part of the loch has an abundance of reeds, rushes and sedge while the opposite side of the loch features wet woodland made up of mature willows, birch, alder and carr.

  • Fairy Isles Reserve

    For hundreds of years people all over the world have believed in the idea of fairies. These mythical creatures have been said to be mischievous but generally good-hearted little beings having a somewhat human shape with wings. They were said to possess magical powers and have featured in children’s stories right across the northern half of the globe. Nowhere has the idea of fairies captured ...