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  • Scalloway

    If you go along the Shetland coast of Scotland you will find the town of Scalloway, the largest inhabited area in this region. Along the coast there is a harbor sheltered from sight, just north of that is where you will find Scalloway the capital of the archipelago until the early 18th century.

  • Falkland

    If you are looking for a historical destination in Scotland, look no further than Falkland. It feels as if the past seeps out of every corner stone. It is a town that has seen its fair share of violence, industrialism, pain and despair. It is one of Scotland’s most significant historical regions and was assigned as a conservation area in the year 1970.

  • Tobermory Distillery

    Tobermory Distillery has been around since 1823 but has been closed for nearly half that time, considering the number of spells it has been non-functional. The only distillery on the incredibly beautiful Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland, Tobermory is now owned by Burn Stewart Distillers.

  • National Museum of Costume

    Please note: The National Museum of Costume was closed down at the end of 2012. Scotland's National Museum of Costume falls under the care of the National Museums of Scotland. It has been set up in Shambellie House, located in Dumfriesshire. This fascinating house museum guides visitors through a century of fashion some of which can still be seen in the clothing of today. Go on a ...

  • Earls Palace Birsay

    The massive ruins seem strangely out of place but still dominate Birsay. One can only imagine what Earl’s Palace was like in its full glory. It stood by the shore of Birsay Bay, a proud edifice whose cruel owner oppressed the people of Orkney as long as he ruled them.

  • Doune

    The name Doune Castle comes from dun, meaning fortified town. It lies between a tributary burn and the Teith River and is defended on three sides by the ground sloping steeply down to the rivers. The approach from the north is defended by earthworks. Doune Castle was built at the end of the 14th Century for Robert Stewart, the first Duke of Albany, the Regent of Scotland. His son, Murdoch, ...

  • Earls Palace Kirkwall

    Robert Stewart, the first Earl of Orkney and his son Patrick go down in history as the most tyrannical Earls of Scotland. The two Earl’s Palaces in Birsay and Kirkwall were built by them with slave labor on land partially acquired by force.

  • Stalker

    Twenty-five miles from Oban, on the west coast of Scotland, Castle Stalker stands at the mouth of Loch Laich. It is near Loch Linnhe, on a rocky islet known as the Rock of the Cormorants. Its Gaelic name Stalcaire, means falconer or hunter and it has had a long history of violence, particularly murder of its owners, associated with it. Right from Lord of Lorn, Sir John Stewart, who built the ...

  • Monarchs

    The story of the Scottish Throne is a long and complex one. From the beginning of the twelfth century a single king started to rule, what we know today as Scotland. The thirteenth century was a time of insecurity for the whole of Scotland, with the fighting and Wars of Independence between Scotland and England. The fourteenth century brought a sense of nationhood and stability, when ...