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    James Hamilton Heritage Park

    At the James Hamilton Heritage Park leisure facility you will find the 23-hectare reserve just outside of East Kilbride. It is a great place to visit if you want to take your family away for the day for something different. Here you can entertain yourself with the rowing boats, canoes and kayaks that are provided specifically for your use on the 16-acre loch.

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    Insh Marshes National Nature Reserve

    Insh Marshes National Nature Reserve, located near Kingussie and Kincraig, is a very important wetland covering some 837ha. The River Spey runs right through the Insh Marshes which are part of a natural floodplain in the region. This biologically vital marshland was declared a National Nature Reserve in the year 2003. You certainly don't want to miss seeing this marvelous natural region and ...

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    Fairy Isles Reserve

    For hundreds of years people all over the world have believed in the idea of fairies. These mythical creatures have been said to be mischievous but generally good-hearted little beings having a somewhat human shape with wings. They were said to possess magical powers and have featured in children’s stories right across the northern half of the globe. Nowhere has the idea of fairies captured ...

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    Glen Nant National Nature Reserve

    Glen Nant National Nature Reserve (Glen Nant NNR) is a renowned Scottish oakwood with a fascinating history and many interesting creatures. It is well known for the woodants that call it home as well as for playing a role in the history of iron-making in Scotland. The Scottish Natural Heritage organization and Forestry Commission have jurisdiction over Glen Nant National Nature Reserve, ...

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    Carstramon Wood Reserve

    If you are looking for a great place to stop whilst traveling in Dumfries and Galloway, look no further than the Carstramon Wood Reserve. This small 90 hectare woodland is the largest of four in the Fleet Valley and it is situated roughly two miles away from Gatehouse of Fleet. The entire region was once covered by beautiful forests such as the one at Carstramon but today only four little ...

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    Cairngorms National Park

    As the largest and youngest national park in Britain, Cairngorms National Park has a lot to offer. This 3 800 square kilometer area was proclaimed a national park in September 2003 as part of efforts to care for the unique and diverse wildlife and countryside. Unlike other national parks across the world, Cairngorms National Park is home to some 16 000 people who had made their homes in the ...

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    Ben Lui National Nature Reserve

    Whether you are a naturalist or a walker, you will find that the Ben Lui National Nature Reserve in Scotland is just the sort of place you will like. With as many as four mountain peaks which reach higher than 3 000 ft, the moist rocky cliffs and outcrops support an abundance of mountain plants. The growth of these plants is further encouraged by the low acidity in the soil and so visitors ...

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    Ayr Gorge Woodlands Reserve

    The forty-hectare Ayr Gorge Woodlands Reserve lines the steep River Ayr valley and is situated in Failford. The Ayr Gorge, which is part of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, is made up of a mixture of plantations and woodland, some of which is semi-natural and the other is made up of sessile oak and birch. On the forest floor there is little shrub to be found, and it consists of holly, rowan and ...

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    Abernethy Forest NNR

    Abernethy Forest National Nature Reserve is 5,796 hectares in size and contains the largest amount of native Scots Pinewood located in one area. These Scots Pinewoods are the last remains of the Caledonian Forest near Badenoch, Strathspey, Aviemore, and the Highlands, Scotland.

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    Nature Reserves

    If you have ever had the privilege of visiting Scotland, you will know just what an incredible wealth of natural treasures it possesses. From the Scottish Highlands to the lochs and lakes brimming with crystal clear, icy cold water, the country certainly seems to have a never-ending abundance of nature reserves, parks and woods. The small woodland creatures that live in these places are a ...