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  • Nature Reserves

    St Abb's Reserve

    If you are looking for a great place to spend some time getting better acquainted with Scotland’s on and offshore animal life, the St Abb’s Reserve is a great place to go. Better known as the St. Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve, this protected area is protected by the goodwill of those people who choose to use the area rather than by a specific group of paid professionals. These ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Loch Fleet Reserve

    The Loch Fleet Reserve is a beautiful little treasure located north of Dornoch not far from the town of Golspie. It is a pretty place featuring a variety of habitats and animals, despite the reserve's somewhat diminutive size. Since it is situated on the coast, it has good sand dunes, lovely beaches and a large tidal basin. The beaches are fairly safe for children to play on, though caution ...

  • Nature Reserves

    Keen of Hamar NNR

    Upon arriving at the Keen of Hamar National Nature Reserve, many people find themselves quite surprised at the somewhat barren landscape that characterizes the reserve. They may feel that it is impossible for such a rocky, seemingly barren place to sustain life of any sort. It is interesting that the word ‘Hamar’ means ‘rocky outcrop on the hillside’ – an entirely appropriate description of ...