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  • Argyll

    Port Ellen

    Walter Frederick Campbell founded Port Ellen in the year 1821 and named the town in honor of his wife. It is an important deep-water harbor for the Isle of Islay and also has a ferry terminal. It is a quaint and tranquil destination in Scotland and is mostly known for the role it played in the distillery industry and for its beautiful beaches.

  • Argyll


    The Island of Islay, which is also known as “The Queen of the Hebrides”, lies off the coast of Scotland and falls within the Argyll region. It forms part of the Inner Hebrides and is the southernmost island in this cluster of islands. Bowmore, although small, is the capital of the Island of Islay. On a clear day visitors can see the beautiful Irish coast, which lies just twenty-five miles ...

  • Distilleries


    Bruichladdich is known as The Sophisticated Islay and is a multilayered whisky with the complexity of fine wine. This is perhaps to be expected as some of the present owners of this Islay distillery are from the wine trade. Bruichladdich is proud of a 100% Island of Islay product - from barley to bottle. The only Islay distillery to bottle its own whisky, Bruichladdich has a creamy texture ...

  • Distilleries


    Smugglers were distilling whisky here way back in 1794, though officially the Ardbeg Distillery was started in 1815. Located about four miles out of Port Ellen, Ardbeg distillery nestles in a rocky cove on the Island of Islay's southern tip. The island lies off the west coast of Scotland.

  • Golf Courses


    An enchanting vacation with outstanding golf amidst stunning scenery sums up the experience of Machrie Hotel and Golf Links on the island of Islay in the Hebrides, Scotland. This classic links course extends on an elevation above the Laggan Bay with the greens at differing levels. The hotel offers excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere in a traditional warm setting that makes Scotland ...

  • Distilleries


    The secret of Lagavulin is the slow pace at which every process is completed. There is no rushing here and the resultant dark ambrosia is unique whisky. Located in Port Ellen, Islay, since 1816, the distillery occupies six acres of the island, at the head of a small bay near the south coast of Islay. It is owned by White Horse Distillers, Glasgow, makers of a number of other popular ...

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    Whisky: A Fine Scottish TreasureIt is no wonder that whisky is amongst Scotland’s finest treasures! For a spirit to be legally called "Scotch Whisky" it must meet certain requirements and distillation standards mandated under Scottish law. Some of these requirements include strict controls over fermentation, labeling, purity (non-adulteration), distillation, and alcohol content. These ...

  • Cuisine

    Scotch Whisky

    No one really knows when the people of Scotland first attempted to distill whisky or when the techniques that are now widely used first reached Britain’s shores. What is known is that the Scottish have perfected the art of distilling over a number of centuries and that today Scotch Whisky is revered world wide. The drink was so popular in Scotland that early connoisseurs named it ‘uisge ...

  • Regions


    Argyll is situated on the Western coast of Scotland and has a variety of attractions to appeal to every taste. Because the region is costal is also includes several islands and waterways which mean that ferries and water activities are commonplace. Argyll can be split up into several areas - each with its own unique appeal.Right at the top of the region you'll find North Argyll ...