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  • Scottish Theatre

    Eden Court Theatre

    Eden Court Theatre is an all-purpose theatre and the only arts cinema that provides entertainment for the whole Highlands region, which is in the North of Scotland. So with this in mind it is no wonder that there has been a 40% increase in audience attendance over last few years and over a 160,000 tickets sold in one year.

  • Scottish Theatre

    Pitlochry Festival Theatre

    Pitlochry may be a small Victorian town, but that does not mean that it has not moved with the times, and it has managed to do just that, while retaining it's small town charm. Proof of this fact can be found at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre where you will find new and inspiring performances available every day of the week. This relatively small theatre is home to the largest ensemble ...

  • Scottish Theatre

    The Royal Lyceum Theatre

    Built in 1883, the Royal Lyceum Theatre is a graceful Victorian building in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. The theatre has enjoyed many successes over the many years that it has been in operation, and it has seen performances by legendary greats such as Henry Irving and Ellen Terry. Though it was initially opened and run by J.B. Howard and F.W.P. Wyndham it changed hands a number of times ...

  • Scottish Theatre

    Kings Theatre

    True to its name, Kings Theatre always was and always has been a theatre fit for Royalty. This stunning building was designed by the legendary theatre architect Frank Matcham, and ever since opening in 1904 it has been host to a number of top performers and performances. Today the Kings Theatre in Glasgow is regarded as being one of Scotland’s oldest and most significant theatres. When you ...