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  • Bothwell

    The ruins of Bothwell Castle are located about ten miles to the southeast of Glasgow near Uddingston in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The castle stands on a steep bank above the river Clyde which runs on its north side. The river takes a bend here cutting a fairly deep gorge. The oldest parts of the castle were built in 1242 by Walter of Moray. They are made of the most beautiful deep red ...

  • Hermitage

    Hermitage Castle has a forbidding appearance and oppressive atmosphere, partly due to its history of treachery and partly the stories written about it. The bleak fortress, set high in the valley next to the beautiful Hermitage Water is surrounded by open moorland. Its strategic location was the key to the control over Liddesdale and the border area during the wars between Scotland and ...

  • Aberdour

    Aberdour Castle in Fife grew from west to east over five hundred years. The first construction dates from before 1200, when a two storey tower house was built by the de Mortimer family. Parts of this collapsed in1844 and 1919, but some ruins are visible at the western end of the castle. These parts are of one of the oldest masonry castles still standing in Scotland.