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  • Scottish Theatre

    Perth Theatre

    The well-known and well used Perth Theatre can be found in Perthshire, Scotland where it has been situated for over one hundred years. The building's façade has a contemporary look and is well equipped with all the facilities necessary for theatre productions and the large audience attendance that it has. The Perth Theatre has an Edwardian auditorium, production facilities, backstage, ...

  • Scottish Theatre

    The Lemon Tree

    If you get tired of more classical theatres and want to try something young, new and vibrant, The Lemon Tree is probably your best choice. This vibrant, cultural organization was established in 1992 in the heart of Aberdeen. Its main goal is that of stimulating and engaging the people of Aberdeen with a range of performing and participatory arts – a goal which it has certainly been achieving ...

  • Scottish Theatre

    Pavilion Theatre

    The Pavilion Theatre is one of Glasgow’s oldest theatres. Located at the top of Renfield Street in the northern side of the city, the theatre is easily reached by bus or subway. The Pavilion Theatre was opened on 29 February 1904 as a music hall and, at the time, it was considered to be state-of-the-art. The building was designed by Bertie Crewe at the request of Thomas Barrasford and the ...

  • Scottish Theatre

    Kings Theatre

    True to its name, Kings Theatre always was and always has been a theatre fit for Royalty. This stunning building was designed by the legendary theatre architect Frank Matcham, and ever since opening in 1904 it has been host to a number of top performers and performances. Today the Kings Theatre in Glasgow is regarded as being one of Scotland’s oldest and most significant theatres. When you ...