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    Clan Donnachaidh Museum

    Clan Donnachaidh Museum is dedicated to the clan which bears its name. The name Donnachaidh means “children of Duncan”. Inside the museum you will discover a variety of items, including documents, pictures, books and so forth, which relate to the clan of Donnachaidh. Also contained in this fascinating Scottish museum is the mystical Stone of the Standard or Clan na Bratach. The museum of the ...

  • Culture


    Wars and Rebellions Scotland has been a constituent part of Great Britain since the Act of Union was passed by the legislatures of England and Scotland in 1707. However, the union of these two ancient lands has not always been an easy one, and even after 1707 wars and rebellions by Scots determined to maintain their full independence were not uncommon. Many of these conflicts have been ...

  • History

    Scottish Genealogy

    Scottish genealogists search written records, collect oral histories and preserve family stories to discover ancestors and living relatives in Scotland. The Scottish genealogists also attempt to understand not just where and when people lived but also their lifestyle, personal stories, and motivations. This often requires - or leads to - knowledge of antique law, old political ...

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    The Scottish clan system has been in place throughout the history of this beautiful and rugged country, with people of Scottish descent identifying with their clan, no matter where they may live in the world. Clans are presided over by a clan chief and each clan has its own unique tartan and coat of arms or heraldry. Clan gatherings, generally with clan members decked out in kilts made of ...