Fantastic Stirling

Situated in central Scotland, Stirling is a timeless city filled with grace and splendor. Though still relatively new (it was only declared a city in 2002), Stirling has long been established as a town and castle fortress.

The old town, which is situated in the shadow of Stirling Castle, has a very medieval flair. Here you will find numerous old buildings as you make your way around the town. Quite a few of them have significant historical importance - while others are simply a marvel to look at. Here you can quite literally 'touch history'.

Of course, the main attraction in Stirling is Stirling Castle. The castle is
built on an easy to defend hill and it over looks the River Forth so it has
seen quite a lot of action. It was home to the Stuart monarchs for many years.
Today it has been partially restored to its former splendor and you may take
a tour where you will see quite realistic models of people working in the
kitchens which is fun for adults and children alike.

Among other attractions is Argyll’s Lodgings – a 17th century townhouse –
and the ruin known as Mar’s Wark. Not far from this you will find the
Church of the Holyrood. A little further down the hill you will find the
Old Town Jail which has been changed into a live show tourist attraction.
Here you can see how people would have suffered in the harsh conditions of a
Victorian reform prison. Right across the road you will find Tolbooth – the
jail which preceded Old Town Jail and in which up to 25 prisoners were sometimes
kept in a single cell. Today Tolbooth is a music and arts centre. You may
also wish to visit the Smith Art Gallery and Museum which is entertaining for
visitors of all ages.

These are just some of the sights worth seeing in Stirling. This is a place
where you can quite literally be transported back in time without even using
your imagination. Why not see for yourself?

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